An Overview of E Cigarettes Do’s and Don’ts

E cigarettes are mainly used by people who want to quit tobacco smoking and safe guard their health. The electronic cigs are designed to look and feel like a real cigarette. The only difference is that the vapour one inhales from the e cigs does n’t contain any harmful substances. Before you venture into smoking them, it is important to follow some few guidelines on e cigarettes do’s and don’ts. The first thing you should consider if you are an e cigarette user is to follow all rules. Know the regulations of the area you are in before you start smoking. In some areas, it is restricted to use the E cigs in public. Doing so will only ruin the reputation of e cig smokers in the area.

There are many e cigarettes do’s and don’ts. Here are some few do’s that may help you out. If you are new to e cig smoking, it is recommended that you try out different flavors before you settle on one. Most people tend to stick to one flavor alone. Trying out new flavors will help you to assess the best flavor for you, many top and best e cigarette brands offer a wide variety of flavors to choose from. An e cigs like any other product with time may cease functioning. To boost its lifespan, try to regularly clean it. Before putting the e cig into its charging device, clean the brass contact with a hair free cloth or towel.

Etiquette is paramount in the e cigarettes do’s and don’ts. This is because not everyone is usually comfortable around someone who is smoking. If you are in an enclosed area like a cafeteria or office, it is necessary to ask permission from the management before you flash out your cig. If any complain is made to the management, you will have the management on your side because you have their permission. Be polite to the complainer and try to explain to him about e cigs in a respectful manner. The person may be thinking its a real cigarette and he will be greatful for your advice.

For the e cigarettes do’s and don’ts, there are some few things one should try to avoid. First, try your best to avoid your e cig from getting wet. Be very cautious and always inspect your e cigarette to ensure no liquid gets into it. When you detect any liquid spills after removing the atomizer from the battery, you are required to clean both atomizer and battery contacts. To avoid dripping of the cartridge which may seriously destroy it, avoid exhaling on the e cig when the led is flashing. Our e cigarette FAQs will have more answers to the questions you might have.

Disposing your atomizer regularly is usually important. With time, e liquid debris accumulate in the e cig cartridge. This causes obstruction of the compartment thus leading to poor functioning. Make sure your any e cig disposal is done correctly away from children, pets and roads. Its also necessary to avoid putting any e cig atomizer to an already open cartridge that is fastened in your e pack as it can damage your e pack by oozing. By following those e cigarette do’s and don’ts, you can enjoy your e cig smoking comfortably.

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