V2 Cigs Review

v2ratedIf you're looking for the top electronic cigarette brand to come out of the market, look no further than V2 Electronic Cigarettes. The most trusted, most known and most respected player in the market, V2 Cigs is the #1 E-cig brand since 2011. Say goodbye to harmful cigarette smoke that makes you feel like a walking ashtray. V2 Cigs is the smokeless alternative to conventional cigarettes!

The nation's leading e-cigarette, V2 Cigs offers superior performance, the most satisfying flavors, and the thickest vapor production that cannot be matched by any other brand. All products are of superior quality, tested to perfection, and proven to perform and satisfy!

If you want the best performance and value for your money, America's preferred brand of e-cig is the only way to go.

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V2 Cigs Overview

Founded in 2009, V2 Cigs has established itself as a major player in the e-cig industry. Ranked as the #1 website for e-cig brands, V2 cigs has over 1 million satisfied customers worldwide. This is due not only to their superior products, but also for their excellent customer service.

Established in Miami, Florida, V2 Cigs only gives its customers the best of the best. Their toll free customer service line is open every day of the week where representatives will do everything in their power to address all of your concerns. V2 Cigs is committed to excellence in everything that they do, whether it be satisfying their customers with the e-cigarette itself, or with any other concern. You are sure of 100% satisfaction.

With a lifetime warranty on all products and a full money back 30-day guarantee, you are ensured of optimum satisfaction in all levels, anytime.

V2 Cigs Starter Kits and Products

boxesUnlike other e-cig brands who only offer the basic essentials for e-cigarette smoking, V2 Cigs has all the essentials you need to get you started and going on a healthier smoking lifestyle. From cartridges, to e-liquids, batteries, accessories, disposables, and starter kits, V2 Electronic Cigarettes has it all. Their mission on making and keeping their customers happy at all times can be seen with how superior and satisfying their products are.

If are thinking of gettingstarted with e-cigarette smoking, the best kit for you is the Beginners Kit at only $34.95, which is the most affordable one. You get 1 standard battery, 6 Full Flavor Cartridges, 1 Disposable, and 1 Express charger.

Among V2 Cig's mostpopular products, the Standard Kit is only $59.95, which has all the essentials of a great e-cigarette smoking experience. You get 2 batteries, 10 Full Flavor Cartridges, 1 Charger kit, and 1 User manual.

Other kits include the Standard Kit Plus at $99.95, which is the Standard Kit plus a portable charging case, the Couples Kit at $114.95 containing 2 Standard Kits with the most savings, and the Ultimate Kit at $179.95 that has the best value with all the gadgets. See the most popular V2 Cigs Starter Kits below:


What Customers Are Saying:

Users of V2 Cigs have reported complete satisfaction with all of V2's products. V2 e-cigs has even eliminated tobacco cravings of some of its users, giving them a healthier smoking habit without scrimping on excellent quality and performance. They've also praised V2 Cigs for its very fast shipping and excellent customer service. See below just few testimonials of V2 Cigs users, taken directly from V2 Cigs website:


For a complete e-cigarette experience, the Standard Kit at $59.95 is the best one to try! Complete with all the necessary essentials you'll need to start and continue your e-cig smoking habit, you get 10 V2 Flavor Cartridges that you'll definitely enjoy. Order one today at gclub แจกเครดิตฟรี V2 Cig's official website and begin your journey to a healthier and more satisfying smoking lifestyle! Make sure to use our exclusive coupon codes provided below.

Latest Coupons & Special Offers:
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Get 10% OFF everything else, w/ coupon "10OFFdiscount"
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