Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Better than Analogs

Electronic cigarettes are new phenomenon invented in the recent years as an alternative to analog cigarettes. Nowadays there are high quality electronic cigarettes available on the market. The electronic cigarettes guarantee of cozy feeling when smoking them. They have been exclusively tested and tried to meet consumer demands. 

The following are amazing advantages of smoking electronic cigarettes over the analog cigarettes.

1. Electronic cigarettes are safer to use unlike analog cigarettes, since their heating coil is activated by closer detection of air flow.

ecigarettesAnalog cigarettes are lit during use hence have high possibilities of causing fires. The electronic cigarettes do not require any lighters and ash trays which are common phenomena with the analog cigarettes. Thus there is no problem of ashes, burned clothes and repulsive smell on your clothes with electronic cigarettes.

2. Smoking electronic cigarettes is healthier than analog cigarettes since they do not have significant harmful chemicals, unlike the analog cigarettes.

The analog cigarettes are among the leading causes of lifestyle premature deaths in the world. This is because these cigarettes have numerous harmful chemicals that can cause fatal medical conditions to the smoker. The analog cigarettes have tar, many toxic and carcinogenic substance which cause dreadful diseases.

Electronic cigarettes are free from presence of harmful chemicals in high proportions. They use an e-liquid that generates vapors to satisfy a person’s thirst for nicotine. The vapors formed create a smoking experience close to that of analog cigarettes replicating the throat hit and nicotine stimulation without any health problems .Nicotine content in the electronic cigarettes can be controlled hence a smoker can choose its strength. 

3. Smokers of electronic cigarettes can smoke indoors or in public places where use of analog cigarettes is vehemently prohibited. 

There are strict laws and policies on smoking in public places such as restaurants, offices, shopping malls and sub-ways. It is therefore clear that with the analog cigarettes, there is no freedom to puff in public areas. Smokers have to visit smoking lounges or designated smoking zones every time they feel urges to light up.

Smoking of electronic cigarettes does not fall under any smoking ban hence you have the freedom to puff-up anytime, anywhere you wish without drawing any penalty or offending people around you with irritating smell.

4. Smocking of electronic cigarettes leads to nicotine de-addiction as opposed to analog cigarettes which drive smokers to inevitable nicotine addiction. Smokers who smoke analog cigarettes get addicted to nicotine and may begin to show withdrawal symptoms when nicotine levels falls in the blood. An electronic cigarette provides the smoker with a perfect alternative to cater his/ her body’s nicotine demands and means to himself/ herself from nicotine dependence. 

The e-juice of the electronic cigarettes comes in various levels of nicotine concentration. The user has the sole option of deciding the level of nicotine intake every time he/ she smoke. A smoker can begin a process of nicotine de-addiction by systematically decreasing the nicotine concentration of the e-juice and eventually opting for nicotine free cigarettes. Eventually user stops smoking using e cigarettes.

Definitely, electronic cigarettes are efficient and easy to use. They are also available in the market with amazing varieties to choose from. 

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